Sunday, May 6, 2012

me luv

i think i am brave enough to describe my feelings to those i've fallen in luv with. but with one condition: im sure there is a chance for us to go further after a few trial made..

and the result is, i've lost to THIS one guy.. but also i've got that OTHER guy.. please dont think im a player. it happens one by one. each with long time distance.

to lose this one guy, it doesnt hurt at all. evenmore, he become a good friend. i dont think to take him as a best friend. men n women cannot be best friend. it can only be after marriage. this is my opinion. because if i am a husband, i just couldnt stand if my wife is telling all her feelings/problems to the other guy. it looks like some kind of 'dayus'.. the only guy who deserve to know ALL things/feelings/problems/needs is her husband. understand? hehe..

next, about the other guy i've got. it doesnt last long.. it was 'frustrating, dissapointing, regretful, waste of time, increasing sins' relationship. yes. it such a stupidity. to love then to hope not to God. but to a creature.. the weak one.. its a shame. the worst part is it happened twice. with the same person. astaghfirullahalazim.. this mistakes is eyes opening to me. now i realized the true luv is not to give all your luv n hope to a person. but to love and hope entirely to Allah, and through having a right companion, will lead us to THE true love...

i've treat my self badly. to fix is not easy. it takes SABAR n REDHO. to 'redho' is like the wound is healing while 'sabar' is like i'm ignoring the painnnnn felt inside.. urgh..! keep it up darling.

p/s: please told myself i love her so much..

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