Friday, June 3, 2016

things i will never write in my resume

-sarah shafri solenization. she live with her in-laws in Ampang. 

-sarah did not sit properly on the toilet seat at her office and she fell on it. she was admitted to Ampang Hospital. her miss v having external wound, she got stitches there. she did not tell her parents. she don't want them to be worry. her in laws take care of her very carefully at home. she is very grateful for that.
-sarah terminated from KIWA 

-sarah is a housewife.

-sarah worked as a baby sitter at MITI's Taska Permata. 
-only her husband & in laws knows about this. her parents does not know about this at all. her siblings too.

APRIL 2016
-sarah got an interview at TRC. The construction company which the HQ was situated near to where she stays. she got accepted. she goes to work by walking. she sent her car to her parents house. she let her parents know about her new job. she is very grateful because she don't have to lie about her job anymore. 

but she still did not tell about her previous job to them. 
she cant hold it.
that is why she wrote about this in here.
maybe when she's old enough she will tell this story. 

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Nur Atiqah said...

Take care dear Sarah~