Wednesday, April 10, 2013

rabun, buah x gugur, lega..


alhamdulillah... sangat lega sebab audit takde hal. eventhough ade yg dia jumpe, auditor kasik can. lega... alhamdulillah. so, ade masa nak betulkan ape yg patut tu untuk tahun depan.

one more thing, aku tak tau la buta ke bodoh. umpama orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. i am looking for a guy to be my husband. n i found 1. he give me the attention that i need. but when i told to my friends, all of them ask me to find someone better. oh... i cannot 'brain' this. i just couldnt understand why they are saying like that. adakah saye sudah gatal....? he is looking for me. n i am tired waiting buah x gugur. so when he comes, it was like u r given a chair after standing for so long.. huhuhu...


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