Saturday, January 12, 2013

kasar tapi manis

lagu paling romantik bulan ini, jatuh kepada;

rihanna ft eminem
- love the way u lie..

boo.. lambat nye baru nk suke lagu ni ke sarah???

well, yeah!!! i just understand the lyrics babe.. that's why.

the beat was so in with me..
the lyrics was so lovely to me..
the song was so cool to be played all night...

to hear the song without knowing the meaning would only makes me enjoy the beat and their voices..

but after i got to know the lyrics, it makes me realize that this is all we do during the relationship. we love, we fight, we want to be heard, we want someone who can really accept us for what we are.

even on the bad times.. i'd love to keep on the argument..  so u will know all about me n i will know all about u. because when u mad, i'm sure u will let out all things stuck on ur mind.

no matter how harsh i behave.. even if there are violent words and threat, i love that lie dear. let me cry, so u can say u love me n make it up for me. then i can let go of my hands from yours. and u'll pull me back closer to you.

pegilah dengar lagunye skali.. with the lyrics.. then u will know what am i talking about.. huhu..

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