Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mereka Buat Aku Fikir 2, 3 kali...

First time doing my part-time teacher, it was kind of easy for me because i've got a well behave class.. 1 Cekap, whenever there is time which was noise, but only with one loud direction of "KEEP QUIT" so they do..  unlike of this 1 Cekap, for my second time, 1 Gigih (the class just next to1 Cekap) was really different..
the bahaviour of this class were worst than the last class of standard 1. i even thought 1 Ikhlas, but all them are "mendengar kata dengan baik"... 1 Gigih, maybe its my fault of not knowing how to get to all of you in the most suitable and effective way.. 

But  I reallize that they were left by their class teacher and what make it worst is there are no permanent substitute teacher.. just like the abandon kids.. there are substitute teachers in the class to teach them but the pupils are getting naughtier day by day.. and i think all the teachers which enter their class is being fierce.. (including me).. until that 1 day, i try not to scold them and instead being nice and asking what is the problem... and the results.. some of them do as what i said.. it's working.. yes!!! =D but only to a few students.. to those pupils which i called them hero and heroin, it's not working for them.. huhu.. =,( 

Anyway, after the "being nice to the pupils" was done, 1 of the girl which always look at me with a longside look (menjeling2), was changed. Now, whenever she saw me, she will smile and obeyed what i asked her to do.. it make me see that the naughty children are not bad, but they want the attention and love from the teacher.. phew.. i was relived.. even though i cannot change the whole class, few of them pun alright dah... (kan kan kan) moreover, i was there for two months only...

yang senget ni (sori tak rotate awal2) she's a good girl..

ketua kelas yang "blurr" (kiri) and very the'manje' and 'attention needed princes' (kanan)

dua2 kaki mengadu kat cikgu sarah

'angle' sejati sebab rela masuk pertandingan becerita (tq cayang...)

hero kuat nangis (kanan) assistant hero (kiri)

ni super hero.. degil tapi pandai.. huh.. cabaran besar aku...

hero "in the making"

ni "super girl" (itu batu besar dalam kepala ada duduk)... huhu.. cabaran besar jugak nih..
mengapa mereka pandai tetapi degil yang amat???

p/s : they are my pupils of 1 Gigih during my second time of part-time teacher.. all the pictures are after they were scolded by me (huhu..) which all of them are need to do the pertandingan 'Tulisan Cantik Minggu Bahasa Melayu"...

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